Discover the EASIEST way to Jump Higher With Your Custom Vertical Jump Program

VERTICAL MASTERY: This brand new software from one of the most trusted names in vertical jump improvement creates targetted, individualised training programs to ensure your workouts are always delivering maximum results.

First of all why is having a vertical jump program that is designed specifically FOR YOU important? It is important because it is well known by strength and conditioning coaches around the world that the FASTEST WAY TO MAKE GAINS is to focus on an individuals weaknesses. As we are all different people we all have different things we need to work on in order to increase our vertical jump.

By targeting the areas that YOU are lacking, your vertical jump will improve at a much faster rate than by following a program that haphazardly trains everything, or worse, doesn’t train the areas you need to improve.

For example a vertical jump is a power movement which means it is a combination of strength and speed. As such a strong person wanting to jump high needs less emphasis on strength work, a fast person needs less emphasis on plyometrics and jumping drills, and then there are others that need a combination of both.

SO where do you fit in?

If you are unsure about how to abswer any of thosee questions DON'T WORRY. VERTICAL MASTERY WILL WORK IT ALL OUT FOR YOU.

Vertical Mastery is the only jump program available today that can customize your training to optimally target your individual areas of weakness and turn them into areas of strength. As those weaknesses become your strengths your ability to jump high will improve dramatically.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher software.

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What is Vertical Mastery?

Vertical Mastery is a software application (and I do mean an actual software application, NOT interactive e-book or whatever else people are claiming is software these days) that creates custom vertical jump training programs to target the weaknesses of the individual athlete. As is well known, this process is the best way to achieve biggest gains in the least amount of time for not just jumping, but any athletic pursuit.

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"Jack has been extremely helpful when it comes to jumping. I email Jack and ask him questions about strength training, plyos, recovery, or anything that has to do with jumping higher on a monthly basis; and everytime I get a response almost immediately. Jack is an expert when it comes to vertical jumping. You will jump higher and become a better all-around athlete. I was born with about a 23 inch standstill vertical, now it's 31, and I credit most of it to Jack's advice."

Charles Roberts, United States

"Since I found Jack Woodrup about a year ago, I've been very impressed by his no-hype attitude and integrity. That may not sound like an important trait in a jump trainer, but if you've spent any time searching the 'net for information on increasing your vertical leap, you know just how much self-promotion, BS, and outright lies are out there. Instead of following a program that worked for "somebody," I was able to take Jack's advice to find the best training methods to meet my own needs and situation. I'm really glad I did, because I've improved dramatically over the past few months."

Andy Finch, Charlotte, NC

How Does Vertical Mastery Work?

Watch the video to see just a few examples of how Vertical Mastery can tailor your training no matter what your individual needs are.

Do you know what happens when ANY athlete hires a personal trainer or strength coach to improve their athletic ability and on field performance? That trainer will assess the individual athlete to determine their needs, then they will analyze the result of that assessment, and ONLY THEN DO they create a program for that athlete - just like Vertical Mastery does.

Do you know what doesn't happen? What doesn't happen is that coach blindly giving their athlete some pre-made cookie cutter program to follow with complete disregard for the individuals needs - which is what other programs do.

See for yourself below how easy it is to create your customized vertical jump training programs.

STEP 1: Perform an athletic assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

As you have probably gathered, this pre-program assessment is extremely important. If your training program is not based on your individual needs than you are almost certainly wasting your time and effort doing things that aren't giving you the best results. The pre-tests themselves are all pretty straight forward and there are detailed instructions and video's showing you how to perform them.

Step 2: Analyze the pre-test results and determine the areas that need extra attention.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

After the pre-program assessment is finished Vertical Mastery then provides you with a complete analysis of your results. In this way you can see exactly what you should be working on and how you are progressing from each Vertical Mastery training cycle to the next.

Step 3: Build a training program that targets your weaknesses.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

After the analysis is complete Vertical Mastery then builds you a customized and targeted program to improve those areas that need the most work. In this way your gains will be greater and they will come faster than if you were following a program not designed specifically for you.

In terms of the actual training logic built into the programs, don't worry there is no complicated and hyped up methods such as isometrics, partial reps, and pool plyometrics. The truth is 99.9% of young athletes don't need programs like that. Actually most professional athletes wouldn't need, or use programs like that.

how to increase vertical and jump higher When you read about those sorts of programs with the 'secret' training methods the words sound good. The concepts are enticing. And it almost appears that the gurus who promote these methods are selling you something truly valuable. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t buy into the hype.

The Vertical Mastery programs are built on the same training principles used successfully by strength and conditioning coaches around the world. They are designed to get you stronger, faster, moving better, and ultimately jumping higher - and to do so in the least amount of time.

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"Jack's guides have been a MASSIVE help. His expert advice has got me from doing little hops to doing 'dunks."

Stefano M, via email

"Hi Jack, I am onto my second custom Vertical Mastery program and the inches on my vertical keep on coming. I can't believe how effective this program is. I am flying."

Shawn Rickard, Dallas, TX

"Jack, Vertical Mastery is flat out the greatest program I have ever used (and believe me I have tried them all!). The software designed me a program based on my needs just like you say and my results have been amazing. I threw my first dunk down in a game last weekend and my teammates went crazy. Jack, I honestly can't thank you enough."

Nathaniel Johnson, Little Rock

What Makes Vertical Mastery Any Different To Other Vertical Jump Programs?

How is Vertical Mastery different from other programs? Simply put VERTICAL MASTERY IS BETTER. While there are some good products on the market, none of them do what Vertical Mastery does which is create vertical jump programs that are designed specifically for you. It is this very critical factor that sets Vertical Mastery apart.

"Your vertical jump program has to be developing the areas that are limiting YOUR athletic ability. If it isn’t then you are simply wasting your time."

Unlike using a pre-made or cookie cutter program, the custom programs created by Vertical Mastery ensure that no matter what type of athlete you are, or where you are at with your training, your programs are ALWAYS designed to maximize YOUR results.

A cookie cutter program might, if you are lucky, provide results because it happens to target an area you need to work on. But what do you do when you are no longer weak in that area? You outgrow the program and your results stagnate.

There are a few other differences besides Vertical Mastery providing custom made workouts and other programs provding pre-written cookie cutter programs though. Compare for yourself.

Jump Manual

Vert Freak

Jump Training Software

Custom Training Programs

"No Weights" Training Option

In Season Training

Exercise Video Library

Free Coaching

Weights Programmed For You

Built In Training Progressions

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase Price Includes Everything



$67 + $9.95 Per Month for Coaching


how to increase vertical and jump higher

What about those programs that incorporate a little bit of everything? When you haphazardly do a bit of everything, yes you might still improve, but by the very nature of this type of approach you are guaranteed to be training innefficiently.

On one hand you will be wasting some of your training efforts doing things you don’t need, and on the other you are not working hard enough on the things that you do.

What about programs made up of a whole bunch of pre-made cookie cutter workouts? Compared to these kinds of programs you will find Vertical Mastery a refreshing change in two ways.

Firstly, because the software itself creates your training schedule for you based on your pre-test results, you will never be left confused about the sort of program you should be following. Vertical Mastery takes the guess work out of your vertical jump training.

Secondly, at some point when using pre-made cookie cutter programs you will have to repeat a program because they are static workouts. With the way that Vertical Mastery is designed, even if your areas of weakness take a little while to develop, you will never have to do the same program twice. Quite literally you will never need to buy another vertical jump program again.

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"Hi Jack, I have been using Vertical Mastery since the day it first went on sale. I have been training hard and working on my recovery. And you know what, my vertical jump has BLOWN up! I am quicker, more agile, lighter on my feet, and I am jumping out of the gym. I never thought I could jump this high. Vertical Mastery is simply the best program available. Thank you so much. "

Mark Strong, via email

"I had been trying to improve my vertical jump for several years and after so many frustrations I ended up giving up. However about a year ago I found Jack and his passion and knowledge for the subject got me interested again. After listening to his advice I started training in a way that was what I needed and my gains since then have been amazing. I can know hang off the ring with both hands. I am flying. "

Aaron Elkington, via email

"I was struggling for months trying to add inches to my vertical. One day I came across your site, and needless to say it has helped me tremendously. I have made great gains to my vertical and overall athletic ability. A Division 1 scholarship is now possible thanks to you."

Taylor Horton, via email

eBooks Fully Interactive Software Program
Cookie cutter and pre-made programs Fully customized programs target your specific needs for maximum results
Inflated bonuses to give illusion of value Sale price IS GREAT Value
Custom programming costs extra Custom programming is what Vertical Mastery does!!!
Poor application of training principles. Tried and True training methods
stagnant programs = stagnant results Programs adapt to you = great results
Recurring Monthly Fees One time purchase
No consideration of the athletes needs Workouts DETERMINED by the athletes needs
Inappropriate for competing athletes Reduced and modified programs for in-season use
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What About Personal Coaching?

Most decent vertical jump programs these days offer some form of personalized coaching (at a price). The reason they do this is because they know that having a program tailored to your needs is actually the best way to improve your vertical jump. So what happens is that they produce a program and then try to upsell you to the more costly customized coaching option.

Vertical Mastery on the other hand isn’t an e-book, or a one size fits all program, but is an actual software application that was created specifically to prepare custom programs for you. Because of this there is very little need for much actual coaching on my behalf (I designed the software to be so effective and simple to use that it would free up my time, not tie it up further).

However, I know people will always have questions so I provide unlimited and FREE email support. If you ever have any questions all you need to do is ask and you will have a response usually within 24 hours.

The benefit to you is that unlike other vertical jump programs, Vertical Mastery doesn't require any recurring monthly fees on top of the actual purchase price in order for it to be useful. In other words Vertical Mastery’s purchase price represents excellent value up front with no hidden extras.

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"I've been playing volleyball for around 8 years now, and throughout those years I've had a less than remarkable vertical. I was never serious about training my legs in the gym because I figured the hours I spent in practice would be enough to develop my vertical.

However, that was not the case so I needed to look for something to help me get serious gains. I got caught in the mess of purchasing cookie-cutter programs that required EVERY athlete, regardless of experience or strength, to perform the same exercises day in and day out. After having wasted time and money, I came across Jack's website and exchanged quite a few emails with him.

Basically, he opened my eyes to the simplest of things that must be done in order to build a base of strength in my legs, and specific exercises I should do tailored to MYSELF and the sport I play. Jack's advice has proved invaluable to my training, and the improvements I have made in strength, balance, and my vertical to this point have only motivated me even more to continue improving."

Konrad D, via email

What Sort of Results Can I Expect?

I know there are some programs say things like "10 inches in 12 weeks guaranteed" and do you know what I think whenever I hear those things? WHY LIMIT YOURSELF TO JUST 10 INCHES?

You see Vertical Mastery isn't like most other jump programs that you do once and then that is it. It is a jump program that adjusts and tweaks your workouts as you progress athletically. THIS KEEPS YOUR GAINS COMING FASTER AND FOR LONGER.

In simple terms this means that if you want a 40 inch vertical jump and your currently only have a 20 inch vertical jump, the software (and my current offer of unlimited personal coaching should you require it) will keep adapting your workouts for you all the way until you have achieved your goal. With other jump programs the gains (if any) start dropping off pretty quickly once you become accustomed to the training.

In terms of how quickly you will make gains using the program - the honest answer is that I do not know. There are so many variables that can impact your results including age, gender, training experience, life stress, other sproting requirements, diet, sleep and so on that if I started making guarantees of 10 inches in 12 weeks, well I would be lying to you. What I do know though is that many athlets have reported gains of 6 inches or more in their first 10 week training cycle. I have also had quite a few athletes who have worked through various training cycles see gains of between 12-16 inches on their running verticals.

Now everybody is different but it does show that the program works, and works well when you commit yourself to your workouts and recovery.

Using Vertical Mastery is simply a better, smarter, more efficient way to train!

how to increase vertical and jump higher

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher software.

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I am so confident in the programs that the Vertical Mastery software application will create for you that I offer a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your results. There is literally ZERO RISK to you. It is entirely on me to prove to you that Vertical Mastery works. Try Vertical Mastery risk free for one training cycle and see just how much more effective using a custom designed program is. You will be amazed at the difference.

What Do You Get?

When you order Vertical Mastery the most important item you are purchasing is the software application. This is what creates your custom programs that will drive the increases in your vertical jump. But it isn't all you get.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher software.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Vertical Mastery Software Program - Creates custom made training programs tailored to your needs to ensure you are getting the best results in the least amount of time. The software includes printable workouts, individual athletic analysis, training alternatives for people who do not have access to weights, and programs for people competing in season.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher software.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Detailed User Manual - The software program is very easy to use, but to ensure your success there is also a complete instruction manual explaining exactly how to use it, how to perform the pre-tests, as well as answering any other questions you might have about how it works.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

how to increase vertical and jump higher 85 Page Vertical Jump Training Guide - If you haven’t already signed up for the comprehensive Vertical Mastery jump training guide you will get a copy as part of the download package. This guide contains everything you will ever need to know about vertical jump improvement including training fundamentals, nutrition, recovery, and much more.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Unlimited and FREE Email Support - If you EVER have any questions about your training you can email me any time. Your success is very important to me and you will never feel like you alone or are stuck. Unlike other jump programs offering this type of support, you will not be charged any recurring or excessive fees for this service.

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Complete Video Library – To help make sure following the Vertical Mastery workouts is easy there are videos of every exercise in any of the programs as well as video instructions for all the pre-program assessment tests.

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"Jack what can I say, not only is Vertical Mastery the best program available, but your coaching is priceless. I cannot believe you provide that service for free. Your advice along the way has been so helpful. You always answer my questions promptly and throroughly. With your help and following the custom programs Vertical Mastery created for me I have gained about 8 inches on my vertical since I started. I am a very different athlete now."

Jorg Johansen, Stockholm, Sweden

" Hi Jack, your site is great for the novice or professional alike. I am an Exercise Physiologist and I know the information on this site is the most reliable and valid information on vertical jumping and athletic development available. This is a great site to stay up to date with what's new in the field. The information is so good that Jack could offer continuing education credits."

Mark Small, via email

Who Is Vertical Mastery For?

Vertical Mastery can be used by anyone who is interested in improving their vertical jump. As the software creates programs designed to meet your individual needs no matter what they are or what your circumstances there is not group of athletes who cannot benefit from using it

How Soon Can I Get Started With Vertical Mastery?

You can download the Vertical Mastery jump training package right now. As soon as your order is processed you will receive access to the software program itself, the detailed user manual, the 85 page training guide, plus all the instructional videos and email support.

What Equipment is Needed?

You do not need to have access to any special equipment in order to complete the Vertical Mastery workouts. Access to a gym with a squat rack is preferred but if you do not have access to, or simply would prefer not to use weights, then the software can still create programs requiring NO equipment besides an open space to train.

Is Weight Training Dangerous?

Lifting weights is not inherently dangerous. It also doesn't stunt your growth, it doesn't make you slow, and it isn't bad for your joints. You are in fact far more likely to hurt yourself actually playing your sport than you are lifting weights. That said, if you are required to lift weights in your training program and you have not ever done so, then I would strongly advise you get someone with some experience to help ensure you are performing the lifts correctly before you dive headlong into the training.

Also it should be pointed out, not everyone needs to do very much lifting to improve their vertical jump, and even those that do will not be doing anymore than 2 sessions per week in the gym.

I am currently competing in-season, can I still use the software program?

Yes, Vertical Mastery can create programs with reduced and modified workloads to accommodate athletes who are competing in season.

Is there a minimum or maximum age for Vertical Mastery?

As a general rule I would prefer children who are not yet in high school not start using a specialized training program such as Vertical Mastery. However after that, following a well thought out training plan is a great way for a young athlete to get an edge on the competition in a controlled and safe manner.

In terms of maximum age, as long as your joints are healthy and you haven't acquired any major injuries over the years, then yes, there is no reason an older person can't improve their vertical jump. In my own case I never started training until I was in my early 30's and I made massive improvements.

Is there any computers Vertical Mastery doesn't work on?

Unfortunately Vertical Mastery does not run on MAC OR WINDOWS 8 computers. The next (free to existing users) upgrade will be to get the program moved to a web base. Again, this will be free to existing users, but for new users it will have a very different pricing structure.

"Hi Jack, I just wanted to let you know that I have just finished my first program Vertical Mastery made for me and I have achieved significantly better gains than ever before. The program was easy to follow, fun, and unlike other programs I had tried, it made total sense to me to train in the way the Vertical Mastery program set out. Looking at the next program it has created I can see how it has changed my training emphasis as my pre-tests results changed. This is an incredible piece of software. If anyone is serious about increasing their vertical jump they would be mad to waste their time with anything else."

Ryan Cummings, Lexington, Kentucky

"Jack, the advice I have gotten has helped tremendously. Following some of the things you said, I have basically eliminated knee problems that have haunted me through most of my career."

Clint H, via email

Is There Anything Vertical Mastery Doesn't Do?

The programs that the Vertical Mastery software creates for you are just the plan. You won’t improve your jumping ability a single inch just by having a plan though. You will still need to put in the hard work yourself to see results.

It is also important to realize that hard work doesn’t mean just putting in on the training track and in the gym, but it also means having enough discipline to follow the recovery guidelines, to not go out and over-tax your body every second day with hours of basketball or other sports, it means you need to turn off your computer and go to bed earlier, and it also requires a commitment to eat healthier foods.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Let me be clear, you will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals. Vertical jump training is hard on your body and it takes time, effort and discipline to do the things required to fully recover from the workouts. Don’t expect to make huge gains if you are constantly wearing yourself out. However, if you are prepared to dedicate yourself you will see your vertical jump really start to explode.

Click Here To Try Vertical Mastery 100% Risk Free

Another thing Vertical Mastery isn’t meant to do is to replace a skilled strength and conditioning coach or trainer. A good hands-on professional is always going to be better than even the best software training program and online coaching as they can see first hand your motivation, energy levels, etc and they can make appropriate changes as you go.

However, real life coaching does not come cheap and for a lot of people they will not be able to afford a personal coach. This is where Vertical Mastery comes in. Is it as good as a qualified coach working one on one with you in person? No. Is it better than a cookie cutter e-book? Yes, it is significantly better, and this will be reflected in your results.

"Jack's feedback that he has provided makes me feel that I have a personal coach and he is someone who takes a genuine interest in the people he is helping. His knowledge, as well as his passion for teaching and training others is truly remarkable. I would highly recommend any of his material to people who are seriously wanting to reach their vertical max goals. ."

Todd Saunders, via email

" I'm 34 years old, I used to be a good basketball player in high school then for one reason or and other I gave up training, still I played once in a while. Then at the age of 32 I got the idea to persue an old dream of trying to grab the rim. At 5'9 and 200 pounds my friends laughed at me and said it would never happen my time has past me by.

So I stared working out and doing research, I found some useful things on-line and some not so useful. Then about six months ago I got in touch with Jack and right away he was very positive towards my goals and pushed me along. With his tips on recovery and how and when to train, what to do and how to do it I can now touch the rim.

I can honestly say that in two years of working towards my goal, my biggest gains have come in the last six months since I found Jack. He truely is a vertical jump expert, knows what he is talking about when it comes to vertical jumping, he is honest and generous with his knowledge. Thanks Jack"

Carlos F, via email

What To Expect From Vertical Mastery

how to increase vertical and jump higher Detailed workout charts showing exact exercises, sets, reps, weights and rest periods.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Discover the true principles behind increasing your vertical jump and why trying to train all of them at the one time is a waste of your time.

how to increase vertical and jump higher Learn how to identify which exercises will provide you with the quickest gains (HINT: They are not the same for everyone).

how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn how a few simple changes to your diet can significantly improve your athletic and vertical jump performance.

how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn powerful accelerative techniques to rapidly improve your vitally important rate of force development.

how to increase vertical and jump higherGet UNLIMITED and FREE support to ensure that you get the results you’re after.

how to increase vertical and jump higherDiscover the 7 most important things you should be doing to minimize your recovery time and maximize your gains.

how to increase vertical and jump higherLearn the single easiest and yet most important thing you should be doing to increase your jumping ability that nearly all vertical jump programs completely ignore.

how to increase vertical and jump higherHow to make your training SMARTER so that not only is it more but also much efficient more effective.

how to increase vertical and jump higherDiscover the biggest mistakes most people make when trying to increase their vertical jump (and how you can avoid these same disastrous errors).

"Jack you are the only trainer who really cares about his athletes, not to mention that you have a great deal of knowledge in improving one's vertical jump. Thanks for your program which helped me understand what the science behind a vertical jump is. So far I have improved my jump 5 inches in just about a month! But this is just the beginning! Once again, thanks!"

Hannan Ben-Yosef, via email

Click Here To Try Vertical Mastery 100% Risk Free

So How Much Does it Cost?

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. If I were to price Vertical Mastery relative to the other programs on the market, which is difficult because quite literally there isn't anything else like this available, I would charge a minimum of $97. However just because others have inflated the prices of their programs doesn't mean you should suffer when it comes to purchasing the best one.

Also if I charged that much I would be defeating the purpose of creating Vertical Mastery in the first place. The goal was to help as many people as possible get their vertical jump training on the right track and to help them avoid being scammed by marketers and con artists. At a price of $97 this would most likely make the software inaccessible to a lot of people.

So what would be a reasonable price to pay for the only fully automated jump program that creates custom workouts for maximum gains? A more appropriate measure is what I would charge for my time if you were an actual hands on client. That rate is $77 per hour..

Increase vertical jump how to jump higher software.

Today you can purchase Vertical Mastery for $97, $77


This price is a bargain by the way. It is much cheaper than most trainers (including me) charge for even a single hour of their time. Given the demand I won't guarantee that it will remain this low for much longer. So why wait another minute to start improving your vertical jump like never before, grab your copy and get started today.


I am so confident that the programs Vertical Mastery will create for you will significantly increase your vertical jump that I offer a full 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your results. There is literally ZERO RISK to you. It is entirely on me to prove to you that Vertical Mastery works. Try Vertical Mastery risk free for one training cycle and see just how much more effective using a custom designed program is. You will be amazed at the difference.

Still Not Convinced? Then Have A Read of the FREE Vertical Mastery Jump Training Guide

how to increase vertical and jump higherLook, I know there are plenty of great sounding, but totally rubbish programs out there. I am sure you have read sales letters just like this one too. So how can you trust that I am not just another dodgy marketing guy who takes your hard earned cash and provides nothing of value in return?

Easy, you can download the 85 page vertical jump training guide that comes with the software and see for yourself. It will cost you absolutely ZERO - I give it to people freely.

The information in this guide is better than you will find in just about any vertical jump program that you will have to pay for. Even if you never buy the Vertical Mastery software program you are welcome to keep the guide and learn from it for as long as you like.

There is literally so much great training information in the Vertical Mastery guide that after you have read it you will think I was mad for giving it away. However I don't mind one bit.

If it stops people being ripped off by scammers, which it will, then great. More importantly, if it helps people train smarter and increase their vertical jump, which it ABSOLUTELY will, then this is the BEST result I could hope for!

If you think you are going to gain 12 inches of vertical jump in 10 weeks from some cookie cutter program promising the world, go right ahead and give it your best shot. Just don't say you weren't warned. If you think you will be guaranteed a 40 inch vertical jump in 12 months while paying ridiculous monthly fees, again, be my guest, waste your $2000. However, if you want some of the best vertical jump training information you will ever get, you can have it for FREE just by clicking the flashing image above and downloading the Vertical Mastery guide. You won't regret it.

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